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  Rice Lake Weighing Systems

The RS-130 and RS-160 retail scales are the ultimate choice for simple price computing applications. Delivering unmatched convenience and accuracy, the RS-130 and RS-160 provide one-button operation with weight displays in either pounds, kilograms or ounces.
  • Toggle between lb/kg/oz*
  • Nine PLU keys for direct price lookups
  • Function keys: change, unit, zero, tare
  • Backlit LCD display, 0.45 in (11.5 mm) character height
  • Cash back calculation
  • Large stainless steel platter
  • In-use cover
  • Pole swivels to face desired direction
  • Battery charge indicator
  • Internal sealed battery included
  • Optional customer display
  • NTEP Certified, Legal for Trade


Model Part # Dimensions Capacity
RS-130 167941 11.8x9.5in
30x0.01lb (15x0.005kg)
RS-130 Pole 168100 11.8x9.5in
30x0.01lb (15x0.005kg)
RS-160 167942 11.8x9.5in
60x0.02lb (30x0.01kg)
RS-160 Pole 168101 11.8x9.5in
60x0.02lb (30x0.01kg)