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D500M Mechanical Scale


This portable mechanical industrial scale is designed to meet a variety of applications in which a simple and cost-effective scale is a must. D500M features an easy-to-read, dual-side flat beam with a shadow-proof poise that is visible in most lighting conditions and is NTEP certified.

  • Heavy-duty mechanical epoxy-painted steel construction makes D500M highly durable for industrial applications.
  • Phenolic wheels allow for mobility and a beam lock is integrated to protect the indicator when the scale is in motion.
  • Counterpoise weights allow for a maximum capacity of 1,000 lbs.

D500M Data Sheet

Heavy Duty Solution

Durable enough to resist corrosion, this precise balance also weighs with a feather touch, down to 1 g over the whole weighing range - even under the most demanding conditions.

  • Covers protect the self-aligning bearings which require little to no maintenance.
  • The oversized stainless steel platform to accommodate large samples or containers.
  • Capacity of 20kg and readability of 1g.
  • A lockable Tare feature allows the operator to tare the balance once for multiple weighing procedures for containers up to 2270g!
Field Test


The Field Test Scale provides accurate weighing of a wide variety of heavy materials, even under the most adverse conditions. The Field Test Scale is ruggedly built and designed for field applications where accurate measurements are essential.

  • The portable Field Test scale can be easily moved from location to location around your work site with the integrated carrying handle.
  • The Field Test scale is available to provide weighing results rain or shine. Without the restrictions of connecting the scale to an outlet, weighing can be conducted in any setting.
  • The large stabile pan will hold oversized samples without tipping, and the weighted base keeps the entire scale extreme steady.

Triple Beam Pro


Accurate, dependable and truly the BEST IN CLASS; the OHAUS Triple Beam Pro offers the convenience of a top loading balance while allowing your students to gain the understanding of measurement garnered through hands-on activities.

  • The unique, easy-grip carrying handle is ergonomically designed to allow for effortless movement around the classroom.
  • A convenient compartment provides a place to store the weight set when not in use, preventing the weights from becoming lost.
  • Prevent theft and accidental dropping by securing the balance to a desk or bench top with the security loop or Kensington-type lock (sold separately).

TBP Data Sheet

Triple Beam Balances

The OHAUS Triple Beam continues to set the standard for accuracy and durability for mechanical balances. The Triple Beam is recognized around the world as the number one mechanical balance for precise weight determination and long-term use.

  • Superior magnetic damping provides stable results three times faster than any other three-beam balance on the market.
  • Five weighing pans of different sizes and designs can accommodate materials for a variety of weighing applications.
  • A counterbalancing knob provides quick zeroing of the balance while a self-aligning beam helps ensure accurate results.

TB Data Sheet

Triple Beam Junior

The Triple Beam Junior balance has a solid track record of accurate weighing results in a model that can easily be operated by young scientists.

  • The notched and tiered beams provide for easy reading of measurement results.
  • Prevent theft and accidental dropping by securing the balance to a desk or bench top with the security loop or Kensington-type lock (sold separately).
  • The zero adjust compensator ensures the balance is at zero and weighing results will be accurate.

Dial-O-Gram and Cent-O-Gram Balances


The Cent-O-Gram and Dial-O-Gram balances offer the accuracy and convenience of an integrated weigh below balance while allowing students to visualize mass measurement principles. Designed with a hanging pan system, both balances offer 10 times the readability of the Ohaus Triple Beam and Dial-O-Gram top loading balances.

  • With aluminum pressure castings for the base and beam assembly, agate bearings, steel knife-edges, and stainless steel pan, the Dial-O-Gram is built to the highest standard of quality.
  • The three-point base, special floating bearing principle and beam design eliminates the need for level adjustments.
  • The self-aligning beam ensures accurate results are garnered effortlessly.
Model Capacity Readability Beams
310-00 310g 0.01g 2 beams with dial
311-00 310g 0.01g 4 beams

Harvard Trip Balance

With a two-pan design based on the classic Roberval balance principle, Ohaus Harvard Trip balances feature the additional advantages of magnetic damping, beams with sliding weights and a variety of weighing platforms.

Commonly used for comparative weighing to determine the difference in mass between two objects, rather than their absolute value, these balances come equipped with built-in sliding masses. Harvard Trip balances are known for their accuracy and durability - constructed and precision-engineered for years of maintenance-free laboratory use.

  • The built-in sliding masses make weighing very simple and quick.
  • Magnetic dampening minimizes oscillation and helps speed up weighing.
  • A counterbalancing knob provides quick zeroing of the balance while floating agate bearings helps ensure accurate results.


Spring Mechanical Scales

The rugged OHAUS spring scales are constructed of shatterproof plastic and metal and aręte economical choice for general weighing, force experiments, action-reaction demonstrations, and much more!

  • Demonstration spring scales offer a large faceplate for easy viewing and are ideal for all basic weighing applications.
  • Pull type spring scales feature an internal spring mechanism and offer a versatile and inexpensive way to display measurements in grams, ounces, pounds and Newton's.
  • Dial type spring scales offer a versatile and inexpensive weight determination in classrooms, laboratories, field studies and much more.
Dial Spring Mechanical Scales

Rugged shatterproof plastic and metal design, perfect for general weighing, force experiments, action-reaction demonstrations and much more.

  • A large bright colored dial face, OHAUS Dial Type Spring Scales for a versatile and inexpensive way to display measurements
  • Choose the specific scale for your application, various OHAUS models display measurements in Grams, Newtons and Avoirdupois Ounces.
  • Easy to read black graduations on a frosted aluminum background. Color coded faceplates to differentiate capacities



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PDT Series Platform Dial Mechanical Scales

The CHATILLON® PDT Series floor platform scale features a large, easy-to-read 13-inch (330 mm) dial with knife-edge pointer for accurate measurements.  The PDT Series is a Class lll "Legal for Trade" scale.  Scales feature a large 17 x 12-inch (430 x 305 mm) steel platform.  Designed for floor use, the PDT features a rugged cast-iron base with heavy-gauge steel platform for excellent stability.  The scale's mounting feet are adjustable.  Options include a stainless steel platform and quick tare knob.  Tare adjustments may be made up to 10% of rated capacity.  The scale's head cover and column back are removable for easy access to the dial mechanism and the dashpot.  Scale is assembled on-site with standard tools.  Assembly does not affect calibration.
  • H44 Class lll "Legal for Trade"
  • Avoirdupois and Metric Dials
  • 13-inch (330 mm) Reading Dial with Knife-edge Pointer
  • Full Scale in 1 Revolution
  • Rugged Cast Iron Base, Heavy-gauge Steel Construction
  • 1 Year Warranty

Data Sheet

Century Series Hanging Scales

The Century Series feature a glass-covered 7-inch dial that reads clockwise.  A double dial option is available(one dial reads clockwise, the other counter clockwise).  These scales feature a corrosion-resistant band, bezel and housing and have a rugged, steel inner frame.  Scale capacities are reached in two pointer revolutions. 

The Centry Series are Class lll "Legal for Trade" scales.  Century Series can be supplied with a CG Series scoop or the popular CAS circular pan.  The CAS Pan is constructed of stainless steel.  3-inch deep round pan has drain holes.  The CG Scoop is ideal for weighing loose materials and foodstuffs.  Scoop and suspension chain of galvanized construction.  Scale heads, without attachments, are supplied with a 1-1/2 lb start.

  • H44 Class lll "Legal for Trade" 
  • Full Capacity in 2 Revolutions 
  • Single and Double Dial Models 
  • CG Scoop and CAS Pan Attachments 
  • 5 Year Warranty

Data Sheet

IN Series Linear Scales / Fish & Game Scales

IN Series Chatillon Linear Scale

The IN Series feature a heavy-gauge solid brass construction with precision steel springs for outstanding reliability, including salt water applications. The scale has avoirdupois and metric graduations that are deeply embossed for easy reading. A zero/tare knob is standard. Scales comes with a fixed holding loop and large open hook. A maximum reading pointer is optional.

The IN Series may be certified by the IGFA. The IN Series have a 1 year limited warranty.

  • Avoirdupois and Metric Dual Graduations
  • Eleven Capacities
  • Brass Construction with Temperature Compensated Steel Spring
  • Optional Maximum Reading Pointer
  • 1 Year Warranty

Data Sheet

Ironclad Straight Linear Scales

IronClad Image

The CHATILLON® Iron Clad Series linear scales are designed for severe applications making them ideal for shipboard applications, warehouses, receiving docks or any application where harsh environmental conditions are present.  The Iron Clad Series features an extra heavy duty steel and cast iron construction.  Scales have a recessed pointer with deeply embossed numbers and graduations.  All Iron Clads come with holding loop and bottom hook.

  • Extra Heavy Duty Construction 
  • Recessed Pointer with Deeply Embossed Graduations 
  • Holding Loop and Bottom Hook 
  • 2 Year Warranty

Data Sheet

Spring Dial Scales

These heavy duty scales for use in food service and industrial applications can take whatever you dish out. High-precision temperature compensated springs and reinforced dual spring level mechanism ensure maximum accuracy. Precision machined heavy gauge internal parts double beveled base plate and heavy-duty sub-assembly combine to give you durability you can count on.

FS Series 6" Dial

LCD Series 8" Dial

HCD Series 10" Dial

Data Sheet