Filling, Dosing and Dispensing




When filling Intermediate bulk containers, totes, drums or big-bags you need very fast, precise, and repeatable results. METTLER TOLEDO high-performance weighing terminals connect with high precision scales, weigh modules and load cells providing you unmatched accuracy. Connectivity to most automation fieldbus networks is offered.  METTLER TOLEDO weigh modules and precision measuring cells provide the broadest product offering, and rugged design.



The new Fill-560 Application Module from METTLER TOLEDO adds advanced features to the standard target control capabilities of the IND560 weighing terminal, including new sequences, process parameters, and input and output control for both a weigh-in and a weigh-out cycle.
Save money with Advanced Control
Valves and feeders can be directly controlled from the IND560fill, eliminating the need for a costly PLC. Discrete inputs provide sequence control from local or remote locations. The SmartTrac™ graphical display provides a visual representation of process status.

Improve Process Quality and Personnel Efficiency
The Learn Mode and Automatic Spill Adjustment capabilities provide a means of continuously refining the accuracy of the weighing process. Operators can be freed up for additional tasks by using the Automatic Sequence Control, or the operator’s input can be focused on critical points in the process by selecting the Semi-Automatic Mode.

Increase Cost Effectiveness
With the InSite™ tool, weighing terminal configuration settings can easily be backed up to a PC, duplicated to other terminals, and stored for future download to restore original settings.

Filling and Dispensing Flexibility
The IND560fill can be used with simple single material or more advanced multiple material applications, blending up to four different materials. The entire contents can also be dispensed or dosed in a precise, controlled manner into single or multiple containers for the weigh-out cycle. In addition, the operator may program the controls to repeat the process a set number of times.

Smart Filling and Blending Applications

IND560 Fill Case Study




Features & Benefits

  • Options for a perfect fit: Highly versatile in form and function, the IND570 is designed for uncomplicated integration into weighing applications from basic to sophisticated.


  • Performance monitoring: Integrated system performance monitoring includes GWP®. User-friendly diagnostic reporting uses an integrated email function. Embedded InTouchSM for active monitoring of equipment with optional InTouch Remote Support services available only from METTLER TOLEDO. These features combine to help keep the IND570 weighing system running at maximum potential.


  • Flexible control options: Implement customized operator routines to guarantee consistency in manual processes, or allow the IND570s standard applications, fast updating discrete I/O and PLC communication to take control of a process. The IND570 offers the flexibility to best utilize available resources.


  • Ready for filling and dosing: Offering easy-to-configure software routines, discrete I/O, material storage tables and more, the IND570 is ready to work as a highly accurate controller for simple or sophisticated blending, filling and dosing operations.